About SHS

SHS staff 

3 Administrators 
2 Counselors
1 Nurse
2 Social Workers
41 Teachers
1 Librarian
4 Secretaries
5 Custodians
6 Instructional Aides

SHS Students 

729 total

154 Seniors
174 Juniors
198 Sophomores
203 Freshmen

SHS Daily Schedule 

We have a 7 period day. 
53 minute class periods.
4 minute passing periods.
50 minute lunch hour.
school starts at 7:59am and ends at 3:20pm
Our students are offered many academic and athletic opportunities. 
Our students also take Dual Credit Courses 
through Western New Mexico University

Silver High History

We are NOT Silver City High School 

We ARE Silver High!!!!

It Starts Here...

Silver High's history began in 1871.  According to The Mining Life issue of May 31, 1873, Silver City citizens realized that there was a need for schools.  "Let it go forth that our country is not only rich in mineral resources, but in those far better riches of mind and intellect."

The first school that was built for Silver City (1938) was located on the campus of Western New Mexico University.  It was named New Mexico State Teachers' College High School.  Ten years later, the school was renamed Western High School.  This was the location until a new school was built on the corner of 32nd and Silver.  The old high school was demolished and a new girls dorm was built at its location in 1983.  

The school was named Silver City High School in 1966.  Most kids thought that this was an unusual name for a school.  The student body decided that they would have a vote to rename the school  After the votes were counted up and everyone had their say in what the school should be named, the winner was Silver High.  The name of the school remains the same to this very day.