Belief Statement


Silver High School believes that in order to be successful in challenging and preparing our students to be the best that can be, a supportive partnership must exist between our parents and our school and community.  

We believe that when schools work together with families to support learning, young people are more inclined to succeed not just in school, but throughout life.

We believe that parental participation in schooling improves student learning.  Such participation of parents and families is critical not only in the very beginning of the education process, but throughout a student's entire academic career.  

We believe that parents and schools have a shared responsibility for the academic achievement of the student.

We believe that parents, regardless of their educational level, socio-economic status, ethnicity or culture must be supported and encouraged by the school to instill the importance of an education in their child.

We believe that parents should be made aware of school policies and how to access information on the academic progress of their child.

We believe that constructive and meaningful input from parents is essential.

We believe that a relationship between the school and community is an integral part of any successful school.